The Worotomo Cafe

Design // Engineering // Fabrication


The Worotomo Mobile Cafe is an antique espresso machine that features a retro-futuristic, whimsical design to keep people guessing about the technology inside. Stumbling across a delicious cup of coffee just when you need it, in the most bizarre and wild of places, can be a wonderful thing. Visitors rejoice when their prayers for an afternoon iced coffee or a midnight caffeine boost are answered by the Worotomo Cafe!


A tall, oval-shaped steel frame encircles the base of the vehicle and supports the copper sheeting.  The large shiny dome is made of brass sheet. A smaller dome completes the shape and provides shade for the driver. Two flexible copper milk steamers come out of the sides.  A five-foot diameter cup tray juts out the back - the perfect platform from which to serve coffee.  A prominent coffee pull handle further distinguishes Worotomo from a beer boiler.


The vehicle is lit with over 300 uniquely programmed LEDs. The operator can engage one of three different Arduino programs or control the amount of each color individually. The basic shape of the vehicle is outlined with electroluminescent wire and multi-colored LED strips, making the cafe standout at night. The lights provide a beautiful bright underglow by reflecting off of the copper shell.  The beams coming out of perforated holes in the front of the vehicle satisfy the legal requirement for headlights.  The design is complete with a propane flame thrower, capable of shooting off over 3’ jets of flame to let the customers know the coffee is ready.

3D Objects

Digital Modeling // 3D Prints // Robotics // Laser cuts

“Frank” is a remote-controlled chomping machine constructed of steel, aluminum, wood, motors, and other various materials. He is complete with custom circuitry and a battery powered system.  He loves roving through Millennium Park on Sunday afternoons.

The "K keys" were designed in Adobe Illustrator and laser cut from non-toxic acrylic plastic sheets. Multiple colors and sizes were created as art, jewelry, and key chains.

The piggy bank was created in SolidWorks 3D CAD software and printed in multiple different materials. This contemporary take on a classic form features a belly that screws into the body so you don't have to break the bank to get your money out.


 Furniture design // Reclaimed materials // Wood & metal working

The bookcases and entry way table are made of locally sourced mild steel and reclaimed wood.  The modern industrial feel of this furniture adds warmth and texture to any living area or study. The wood is sourced from Chicago's own Rebuilding Exchange, which promotes sustainable deconstruction practices by diverting materials from landfills and making them accessible for reuse. These planks were salvaged from a church after a fire. A light sanding brought the wood back to life as a beautiful shelves.



Lighting construction // Electrical wiring // Chandelier Design

The deconstructed chandelier is made of manila rope and electrical wire. The electrical wire is completely encased in rope, and the lights are controlled by either of the two remotes. A giant fishhook gathers the three ropes as they pass down the wall. Edison bulbs complete the contemporary nautical look.